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We are a cutting edge multi-touch hardware provider and consultation company. Browse our website for pictures and information about our low cost multi-touch units and contact us.

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Here at 3M8 LLC, we continually strive to achieve the impossible which we believe to be a lower cost Multi-Touch solution that is accessible and affordable to everyone. We use high quality materials and techniques to deliver optimum performance at the best price. Let us show you Multi-Touch, 3M8 style.



Our products consist of 2 In-House designs (designs that 3M8 has created) and custom Multi-Touch units. Our custom units are available on a client approved and client parameters basis.



3M8 LLC is in the process of finishing the calculations and specifications for the 2 designs mentioned in the Product info section.

Our team is also shifting it's direction in terms of market aim, and will be doing market anaylsis and research to determine the best action to take.


Let 3M8 determine the right solution for your business!

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Here at 3M8, we recognize the novelty and potential of Multi-touch, but believe that this technology can be offered at more affordable prices. The practicality of Multi-touch is especially evident in the commercial sector. With varied software that grows each day as more devolopers choose Multi-Tocuh, there are few businesses that will not benefit from such interactive technology. Museums, Entertainment, Education, Military, and Hospitality are leading sectors that utilize Multi-Touch to their advantage and see positive, measureable results. Choose 3M8 to help understand the capacity of an LCD Multi-touch and unleash its potential to improve your business. 


Business Report

With the economic market being so volitile and unpredictable for the forseeable future, businesses are constantly revisiting their once sound business plans and trying to improve overall function at the same time. Using a Multi-Touch has several benefits that can help grow your company and become more profitable. Purchasing a low cost, low maintence Multi-Touch is an investment, because software is constantly evolving, and the unit can be used in more than one way.